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Similar to King William, Mathematics has been more than a hobby for me, it has almost been an obsession. From as early as the age of 9, my teacher made Math not only fun but interesting, challenging and meaningful. Math came to life and turned into something almost MAGICAL! 

Since then, the love for Mathematics has exponentially increased, directing me in the paths of teaching, writing Math workbooks and now, this Math story book.

This story started out in 2015, after observing how challenging the topic of measurement was for students. Despite being a system with multiples of 10, students still could not understand the relationship between smaller and larger units.

Written in a poetic way, it makes the story line a little more enjoyable while learning how each unit of measurement relates to one another. Completed in 2017 and then converted into a powerpoint movie, it has now taken on life as a children’s story.

You too can experience the magic, as you learnhow King William discovers different units of length in the metric system.

Workbooks in the Bahamian Mathematics Series available now in bookstores.

Grade 7
(BJC Year 1)

Grade 8
(BJC Year 2)

Grade 9
(BJC Year 3)

Grade 10
(BGCSE Year 1)