King William has a ruler – but this is no regular ruler – it is a MAGIC METER . He loves using this ruler to measure things in his magical land including his horse and mister snake. 

There isn’t anything he cant’ use his meter to measure – even his barrels of treasure and the length of his golf courses.

That is, until one day he comes across mister toad and tries to measure him with his meter. He realizes that the toad is too small and he cannot use his meter to measure him. 

He does not know what to do and in his frustration, he throws the meter stick down and it breaks into 10 equal pieces.

When he picks up a piece, he realizes that the small piece can be used to measure mister toad. As he continues measuring he encounters similar frustrations when he meets Sammy the Snail and Milly the Ant. 

How is he going to measure them? Eventually, as the pieces of the MAGIC METER get broken down smaller and smaller, he discovers all of the other measurements in the metric system including  Millimeter, Centimeter , Decimeter and Kilometer. 

He realizes he has a MAGIC METER that can be used to measure all kinds of creatures from the very small to the very tall. Come on an adventure with King William as he discovers how to measure all kinds of things in this creative and vivid story – THE MAGIC METER.

An older version of a video PowerPoint can be found here and is in the process of being updated. Some of the lines in the new storybook have been changed for better readability

Read the first few pages to find out how King William finds out
how to measure things with his MAGIC METER!